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Kids - Plant -Animal 



EACH  CRYSTAL ORGANITE  is infused with Mantras Energy.

-Relaxation/Stress Relief
-Balances Mind & Emotions
-Speeds Recovery
-Inner Peace
-Pain Relief
And much more!

✨ You can personalize YOUR ORGANITE  to include your choice of stones!
Does your little one have an affinity for crystals, gems, and minerals? Whether you
have a spiritually gifted little one or one that is in need of some healing, these 
orgonite are sure to bring your child more positive energy to their
energy fields. 
Place a piece of orgonite underneath your kids pillow.
Their  sleep will be restful and energizing.

Place a piece of orgonite on their backpack

Place an Orgatite  pyramid on their room 

Available in 7 different Crystal

RED-Red Jasper offers grounding and stability. A variety of quartz with Iron inclusions, this bear not only helps your little one stay calm and grounded, but also offers EMF protection.
ORANGE: Tiger Eye, also a variety of quartz, helps your child to be more confident, courageous, and creative. (this bear also includes Orange Aventurine to amplify EMF protection)
YELLOW: Citrine, a yellow variety of quartz, helps your child to be more confident, radiant, and happy.
GREEN: Green Aventurine, a variety of quartz, helps with all matters of the heart so it is sure to fill your little one with love while also offering powerful EMF protection.
BLUE: Lapis Lazuli helps to increase psychic abilities, and helps your child to communicate better. This bear also includes Amazonite to amplify EMF protection, calm your child, and also helps them communicate better. Clear Quartz is also added as an amplifier.
PURPLE: Rose Quartz, a pink variety of quartz brings your child unconditional love, removes emotional blockages.
SILVER: Amethyst, a purple variety of quartz, calms and soothes your childs mind. This bear also includes flakes of Silver to encourage healing.
Extend EMF protection to your favorite furry friends with our Orgonite Energy Pet Pendants. 
Orgone Energy Pet Pendants provide EMF protection for your furry friends, shielding them from potential radiation damage to their reproductive, cardiovascular, and immune systems.
Help shield your pet when travelling away from home, for a safe and secure journey.
While you may be aware of the effects of EMF exposure on the human body, most are not aware that EMF exposure can also harm our animals. 

In fact, research shows exposure to EMF can have a negative effect on an animal's cardiovascular system, immune system, reproductive system and can cause disturbances in functions of different body organs. 
Fortunately, you can protect your pet with our Orgone Energy Pet Pendants. Our pet pendants create a harmonizing field of healthy negative charge up to 8 meters around an animal's body. This healthy charge neutralizes the unhealthy positive charge emitted from all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation. 
A pet pendant offers a supportive and strengthening effect on an animal’s energy field, meridian system, and vital organs which are weakened by the various harmful EMR fields they are exposed to daily in their environment.

The Pet Pendant neutralizes the effects of the following types of noxious energy fields: 

• Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).
• Earth Radiation/Geoelectric Currents (Geopathic Stress).
• Bioplasmic Radiation/Energetic infections from people and animals.
• Excessive Solar Winds & Planetary imbalances induced Earth Radiation effects on animals.

Role of Orgonites in Garden Farming

Orgonites transmit negative energy into positive energy and bring a
positive change in everything around us like people, animals, plants,
environment. It connects the entire universe and flows through everything.
It brings peace, joy and produces healthy energies that support all forms
of development.



Even just a simple orgonite-mix can improve the condition of your plant and fruits growth and yield.

How to use it.
When you bring your orgone generator home, we suggest that you place it in your house, office, car or simply in your pocket - with intention. Decide what it is you wish to bring into your life. The quartz crystals contained inside will attract that intention and help you to manifest it. Peace, patience, love and abundance are a few examples.

What Are the Benefits Orgonite for  PLANTS?

Orgonites are believed to increase fruiting and yields of plants. Some
orgonites are used to aid plant growth and vitality. They are beneficial to
plants. By creating a Gardenite Plant Growth orgonite piece, you can use
it for the same. You can place it in different places for certain effects at an
effective range of about 2 meters.
You can keep it inside containers of seeds for sprouting, close to cuttings
for root growth, near fruit and vegetable plants to boost yield, in ponds for
water-based plant growth, near cut flowers to keep them fresher for longer
or even near a fruit bowl to extend the freshness of the fruit.
The orgonites are used to aid plant growth and vitality, so you must place
them in areas where plants are situated. They can be distributed in all
areas. These orgonites convert negative orgone energy into positive
orgone energy. It also helps get rid of the negative effect that electronic
has on this energy.
If this etheric energy is disrupted, then the problems may arise as plant
growth and vitality problems. The best solution for the same is by
combining the negative energy and positive energy emitting qualities of
orgonite, and along with it, the enhancement of the properties possessed
by gemstones that are renowned for aiding plant life.
Even just a simple orgonite-mix can improve the condition of your
vegetables and fruits growth and yield.
There are many plants that survive
on the positivity of orgone. Over the past few years, there have been many
experiments with orgonite. Some say that it has improved their physical,


Alleged properties of Orange calcite, Shungite, Lapis, Quartz Crystal,
Chrysoprase, Bronzite & Rhodonite

Orange calcite is a spiritual stone works with the sacral and solar plexus chakras.
It’s an excellent stone that carries healing energies for multiple chakras. It’s a
symbol of self-confidence and personal power. It also help to enhances creativity
therefore it can also consider as a symbol of artistic expression. Since it connects
to the sacral chakra, this beautiful gemstone also care about potency, family ties
and karmic generational energetic exchanges.

Shungite is used to calm and relax any person going through tough times. It is
extremely powerful and cleanses the body and soul by protection and healing. It
can give an energy boost to you physically and emotionally. Shungite purifies and
detoxifies the mind and spirit. It clears you and the spaces around you of negative
energy. Shungite is associated with the Root Chakra, and is helpful for spiritual
grounding. It has a strong connection to the Earth and assists with spiritual

Lapis Lazuli is used for protection that guard against psychic attacks. It releases
tension, bringing deep peace. It brings harmony, deepen inner self-knowledge and
encourages self-awareness. It also allows self-expression by revealing inner truth,
providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality.
Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. Lapis Lazuli assists to
confront and speak one’s truth and inspires confidence. It bonds relationships,
aiding in expression of feelings and emotions.

Quartz Crystal is excellent for harmonizing and stabilizing one's environment and is
helpful in romantic relationships. It is also believed to improve mental and physical
energy, stamina and physical strength. It is also said that it enhances spiritual
growth, sanctity and intelligence. Because it clarifies thought processes and
emotions, it can increase encouragement and creativeness. It can also help with
concentration, studying and retaining what one learns.

Chrysoprase encourages non-judgmental attitudes, by diminishing superiority and
inferiority complexes and help you avoid speaking out unthinkingly in anger. It
bolsters clarity of thought and creativity by attracting abundance and success in
new ventures and promotes fidelity within business. Emotionally, It is said to help
heal a broken heart by providing a gentle boost to your self-esteem, equalizing
emotional balance and fostering acceptance of change and tolerance for others.

Bronzite a stone that brings us peace and helps us stay grounded, yet motivated
and determined. It is a powerful stress reliever and can be used for protection
against negative entities and harmful energy. It promotes inner stability and
harmonizes our energy. It is a crystal that truly inspires self-forgiveness and helps
us find inner stability. Because of its properties, it is usually one of the best
assistants on our journey to realizing our full potential and re-establishing a healthy
relationship with ourselves.

Rhodonite is highly recognized as an emotional healer for its calming properties
that reconciles emotional shock and panic by provides grounded support during the
process of dealing with painful issues. It gently releases self-destructive
tendencies, decaying resentments and anger, and allows one to see both sides of
an issue to reach conciliation.

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