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Sports & Training 




 “When you empower someone, you turn a disability

into an ability. You transform doubt into confidence.  
  “You allow the impossible to become possible.”


Mission of the Program 

Empowerment day!! give an opportunity for disabled teenagers and adults with special needs to get out in the sunshine and enjoy doing fun activities, soccer, fitness, and Yoga at their own pace. Sports have the power to bring us together and forge new friendships. This program aimed for participant ages 15 through adults. Each participant will have the option to be paired with a volunteer and will rotate among the activities. This is an extraordinary experience for the families and friends to see their special needs and friends playing and having fun like everyone else.

Important Benefit  !

Exercise & Fitness: Provide fun and fulfilling ways to exercise, from team sports to basic fitness courses.

Socialization Skills: Encourage the development of communication skills, making friends, self-esteem, belonging and fulfillment through multiple sports programs.


Unforgettable Social Experiences: Give teens and adults with special needs access to premium social events with family and friends.

Peer Integration: Create tolerance, understanding and compassion between athletes with special needs and typically functioning peers.


Service: High school student-athletes and corporate volunteers have had the perspective-changing opportunity to play with our athletes

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Our methodology
STS Training

STS training for Special Needs is a training methodology created by a college Coach Luis Gajardo (Physical fitness trainer & Kundalini Yoga Teacher), that enables all special needs to have fun playing Soccer, Fitness and Yoga at their levels. They will have a chance to improve Gross motor, Social Skills, Physical Fitness and Mindfulness (breathing technique, relaxation with our Gong sound therapy).  Players will move from station to station throughout 20 to 30 minute to work on all areas. Each station is developed to have players working in a time and intensity-controlled environment where they have fun. The next 20 minutes will go thru Mindfulness activities with a Gong sound relaxation.


“Meditation & Relaxation: It is very important to give an opportunity to experiences how to be involve  in a yoga class like everyone.


Buddies and Coaches Orientation

INDIGOGAP give a wonderful opportunity for our youth to volunteer their time and energy to our special needs players. Before starting the program, buddies and coaches need to go through an orientation class with coach Luis the director of the program to explain what is expected of them during the upcoming training. At orientation, review commitment requirements, give instructions on how to deal with special needs players and how the program is operated. Make sure to emphasize that buddies should focus on their relationship with their player as opposed to socializing with other buddies or showing off their sports skills. Prohibit cell phone use during sessions.

Benefit for School and Universities:



INDIGOGAP give a wonderful opportunity for our youth to volunteer their time and energy to our special needs players.

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